Aspherical Lens

Aspherical lens refers to a lens with a shape different from that of a regular sphere or cylinder. Its main feature is that it can ameliorate the refraction of light at the edge of the lens, thereby making the imaging more detailed. Spherical lenses may generate spherical aberration in some application scenarios, which means that when light passes through the sphere, depending on the distance of the light entering the edge of the lens, the light will focus at different distances, resulting in blurry images. In contrast, no matter where the light enters, an aspherical lens will focus the light to a point to reduce or completely eliminate the blurriness of the image.

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Aspherical Lens


Aspheric lens

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Attribute Specification
Outer Diameter(mm) 4mm-500mm
Thickness(mm) ≥1
Tolerance(mm) ±0.005
Surface Quality 20/10
Parallelism 30"
Clear Aperture 100%
PV 1/10 Lambda
Bevel 0.1-0.3*45°

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